Teacher Caught On Video Trying To Kiss The Cop Who Pulled Her Over For Alleged DUI

prednisone prices Saryna Parker, 43, was arrested for allegedly getting wasted and then driving around with her young son in the car. But wait, that’s not all! Parker, an ex-teacher from Florida, was caught on video attempting to kiss the police officer who pulled her over. She has since been charged with DUI, child abuse and battery on a law enforcement officer.

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source url Parker allegedly got into a car crash, rear-ending a van that was stopped in traffic. The driver of the van called police, who arrived to find Parker and her 10-year-old son inside Parker’s Cadillac. She reeked of booze, according to officers, and tried to tell police that she had not been involved in the crash before trying to leave the scene on foot. Parker allegedly claimed that she hadn’t been drinking, though her slurred words and inability to walk in a straight line painted a different picture.


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price of lasix surgery pinellas county A dash cam┬ávideo shows Parker trying to run away from police before one catches her and handcuffs her hands behind her back. As the officer tries to beguile Parker into taking a field sobriety test, she flirts with him. She tells him she loves him, wants to kiss him, and tries to convince him to take the test with her. He politely dissuades her, and she sashays, poorly, along a line in the parking lot. Off-camera, as the officer places Parker in the back of his patrol car, a thud is heard and the officer accuses her of kicking him. She states that she didn’t kick him, she kicked a door.

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see url Parker had been a science teacher at South Dade Middle School, but has since been fired. School officials said that Parker was on probation at school due to a previous DUI, so it was sort of a no-brainer decision on their end.

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free viagra Image: Miami Dade Police

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