Teacher Brynn Larsen Pleads Not Guilty to Sex With 15-Year Old Female Back in 2014

compro cialis Even after reviewing so many of these female teacher sex cases, it’s hard to precisely predict who’s telling the truth in each case. This isn’t like classic murderer, or even violent rapist, where you see the mugshot and you think to yourself, “hmm, spider tattoos on the face, dead-eyes, he’s guilty”. These women all look innocent. All of them.

We covered the arrest of Brynn Larsen this past Spring. The 29-year-old teacher at a Catholic School in the Green Bay, Wisconsin area this past year, was arrested on charges she’d had a rather developed sexual relationship five years earlier with a then 15-year old female student.

In 2014, Larsen, then a substitute teacher and sports coach in the Oconto Falls School District, was investigated off a tip she was far too cozy with a 15-year old girl at the school. Police interviewed both Larsen and the young girl, who both vehemently denied anything of the sort. There was no other first-hand evidence, so the matter was dropped.

This is why you publish staff directories in .pdf format on the web.

Several years later, as a young adult, the same girl claims she felt the need to come clean and reported what she claimed was indeed a sexual affair with Larsen back in 2014.

Police got super sneaky and got the girl to give them permission to use her Facebook account to message Larsen to talk about their past history. Police claim that in those conversations Larsen admitted to the sexual acts of 2014. That was enough to put her in cuffs.


Larsen was summarily fired from her Catholic school teaching gig and set to face the music. This past week, she stood before the judge and pleaded not guilty. It should be noted that in plea hearings for most of these cases the teacher’s plead not guilty and in most of these cases on down the line, almost all, they end up changing their plea to guilty in a deal.

If only Clarence Darrow or Judge Wapner or somebody with a great legal mind were alive to tell us how to analyze these cases. Would they merely look at a lesbian girl’s sports coach and claim she’s guilty by default? Maybe Wapner. That cold bastard.

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