Teacher Brittany Zamora’s 13-Year Old Sex Partner Suing School District for $2.5 Million

enter You may recall Brittany Zamora as the sixth grade elementary school teacher busted this past March in Arizona for repeated oral sexual encounters with a 13-year old student of hers. The story made national news for numerous reasons, obviously including a teacher going down on her 13-year old male student, but also because Zamora is attractive, recently married, an was found to have sent the boy texts along the lines of her wishing she could quit her job so she could have sex with him all day long. That’s a thing alright.

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http://cinziamazzamakeup.com/?x=miglior-sito-per-comprare-viagra-generico-200-mg-a-Firenze Zamora is awaiting trial on the criminal charges associated with her felonious behavior, but the family of the 13-year old boy is wasting no time in filing preliminary papers for a $2.5 million lawsuit against the Liberty Elementary School District, with the claim, as we’ve now seen many times before, that the administration was aware of their teacher’s inappropriate relations of at least some sort with the boy, and did nothing about it.


click In this case, the family claims that the school principal was made aware of something untoward happening between Zamora and the student, as reported by several students in the same grade as the kid, though the principal claims the charge was only that Zamora was favoring this particular boy in class. In subsequent meetings with the other students, there was the mention of rumors that Zamora and the boy were “dating” or spending alone time together. Remembering these are sixth graders, not hardened street rats turning over criminal evidence in exchange for twenties.

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Brittany Zamora was not long married before taking up with her 13-year old student.

source The school insists it took the rumors seriously, launched an investigation, but found no evidence of wrongdoing outside of Zamora being excessively generous to this particular student in class, for which she was admonished and told to right her ways. The boy’s family claims the school should’ve known something more was underway, and in fact, the bulk of the sexual encounters between Zamora and their young teen son didn’t take place until after she was cleared by the Principal. It was until the parents themselves found the raunchy texts from teacher to their boy six weeks later that they went to the authorities and shut it down immediately themselves.

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http://maientertainmentlaw.com/?search=generic-india-levitra-super-active Make of each side’s anticipated legal argument what you will, the school district is going to end up settling for some reasonably large portion of that $2.5 million. Something around a million seems to be the going rate now. You’re a company essentially that hires adults to look after children and you let one in who had sex with the children. Juries understand that basic concept of responsibility very well. Add in the fact that you were in some way warned of the inappropriate relationship and didn’t shut it down right away, and you’re writing a fat check to the family. Though, in the case of a school district, not really them, all of us, the tax paying public, who cover these settlements.

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