Teacher Amanda Desiree Wood Arrested For Sex With Student

viagra discount online pharmacy On May 7, 2019, the Madera County Sheriff’s Department received a tip from the superintendent of the Chawanakee Unified School District┬áthat they had reason to believe a frequent female substitute teacher at their Minarets Charter High School was having sexual relations with one of the male students at the school.

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comprare cialis online The Sheriff’s Department investigated and this past week issued an arrest warrant for Amanda Desiree Wood, 42, a Madera substitute teacher who worked at multiple school locations in the Central California area.

Not Much Known About Amanda Wood

cheap viagra super active on internet Amanda Desiree Wood, or simply Amanda Wood as she was known at work, apparently worked all over the County, which has left law enforcement asking for the public’s assistance in reporting any other inappropriate activity surrounding this woman.

go If you imagine the perfect predator is somebody who creates access for themselves to their target domain, then a woman who likes teen boys could do no better than being a substitute teacher roving from high school to high school in her area.

100mg viagra There is very little publicly available information about Amanda Wood. A Facebook thread on the Madera County Sheriff’s arrest notes from commenters in the same area that Wood is married with children. They include comments that her husband is a good guy and they hope he and the kids can remain out of this mess. In reference to Amanda Wood herself, one local notes about her arrest, “It’s about time”. Not sure what that implies precisely.

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Posted by Minarets High School Cheer on Tuesday, February 6, 2018

http://hlmarchitects.com/viagra-mail-order-india Minarets High School is a charter high school in the rurally populated Madera area. It calls itself a High School for the 21st Century. Well, welcome to the 21st Century. Lady teachers are going after teen boys like they’re in short supply.

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