The curious case of Texas middle school teacher Alexandria Vera is soon to be settled after many months of legal speculation, Vera pled guilty to aggravated sexual assault for a long term “romance” with her thirteen year old student. A curious case because after her initial intimate and secret encounters with her young student, the boy introduced his 24-year old teacher to his Hispanic immigrant parents as his girlfriend. And they kind of said, “cool” and they all went to church together. Shortly thereafter Vera began making the boy breakfasts and taking him to school. Not that that matters legally. It still deserves to be noted. Some of the hysteria surrounding not specifically this case, but these cases in general, is certainly culturally based.

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watch Also worth noting is how old the boy looked for his age. Though again not legally relevant. Nor his mustache or his thirst for hot teacher action. Including and up to making Vera pregnant with his child, which his teacher promptly aborted upon learning that the fuzz was on to her underaged sex shenanigans. That does certainly show evidence of guilt. Something her attorney likely mentioned to Vera when deciding on her final plea.

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12.5mg prednisone Vera had faced up to twenty-five years in prison for her felonious sexual conduct. With her guilty plea she faces only five year, much of which might be reduced in final sentencing and weeping pleas from the boy begging the judge not to send away his main squeeze. Nor his parents her were merely happy their sign found himself a woman who loved him.

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