Teacher Heather Montero Accused Of Sleeping With Her Female Student and Kids’ Babysitter

http://www.slccolorado.org/storage/proscar/ A 36-year-old woman is accused of having sex with a teenage student at Emmaus High School in Pennsylvania where the woman had been employed as a social studies teacher. What’s more, the girl was apparently also the family’s babysitter.

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follow Heather Montero of Allentown, Pennsylvania is accused of carrying on a sexual relationship with a female student. The student is now 19, but would have been 17 when the alleged relationship began. The investigation kicked off in November of 2015 after a state trooper received a tip about a possible relationship between the two. He found photos of them on Montero’s Twitter and interviewed the student, who told him she was the family’s babysitter and that she considered Montero a mentor. She also stated that Montero confided in her about her failing marriage.

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Everyone’s a comedian. (Image: Heather Montero’s Rate My Teacher profile)

using levitra past expiration date Montero and her husband have since divorced, but the trooper interviewed him, too. He said he had found evidence that something was going on between his wife and the babysitter after he discovered a notebook containing sexually charged letters and private Twitter messages the pair wrote back and forth. He said he confronted them, and though they admitted to something physical, he was promised it was a “one-time thing.” Investigators also found messages within the girl’s Twitter account, as well as letters from the girl in Montero’s desk. At least one message allegedly talked about Montero’s preference for the student over her husband, and many of the writings contained descriptions of sexual encounters they had supposedly had. In at least one message, Montero allegedly wrote that she would continue seeing the girl until she was “in a jail cell.” Welp. Wish granted.

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http://cmcpediatrics.com/?search=taking-15-mg-prednisone-for-ra The girl chose to deny everything. She told investigators that the sex talk had been but fantasy. She said that though they had discussed having a relationship, they had always intended to wait until she was 18 and finished with school. She said nothing physical ever happened, and that she never had the conversation Montero’s ex-husband referenced. Montero, similarly, invoked her fifth amendment in court, admitting only to knowing the teen, but not necessarily carnally.


source link Image: East Penn School District

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