how to get tadalafil no prescription In every story involving Florida, you have to read into the news a bit before you find what is truly the most Florida about it. In the case of Taylor Bunn, 19, being arrested for having sex with her own father, Justin (Jay) Bunn, 39, in Panama City, the epitome of Florida comes in this line, “having sex in a backyard”. The story could have read, their backyard, his backyard, her backyard, but in this case, a backyard. Meaning, this is Florida, incest can happen in backyards not even belonging to the people having sex. I love the concept of Florida.

watch Regardless of who owned the yard, witnesses called the cops when they took note of daughter and dad fully sexually engaged in the outdoors, which even Floridians know is an activity meant to be completed indoors. Hard enough explaining sex to your young children, but witnessing father-daughter sex is going to send some kids into therapy. People who call the cops on consenting adults having sex are joyless mugs. People doing the same when its gross incest are in the right. See something, say something. This is sexual terrorism.

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Taylor Bunn’s FB account includes funny photos of her dad with the cat. Police arrived on site and questioned both Bunns who copped to the sexual intercourse since there were ten neighbors standing around yelling “disgusting” at them after likely haven taken photos. Both dad and daughter insisted this was a one time, got carried away kind of thing, which is all the cops can really charge for, though any rational person understands that a nineteen year old girl doesn’t suddenly one day decide to have sex with dad in the yard. You’d have to bet on a long time pattern of this kind of activity. Which given the fact that their social media accounts seem to show other young kids including girls in the family, you’d hope somebody investigates deeply and darkly into this family. In a perfect world, dad would be put to death for this on the spot, like a lame horse. Sadly, he merely received an arrest on incest charge and a $5,000 bond while Taylor received the same and a $1,000 bond. Without being sexist here, let’s presume the daughter is not an equal in this sexual relationship decision, even if she is now of legal age. Two to the back of the head. Clear this matter right up.

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