Tanya Lynn Wiginton, Rapist

Tanya Lynn Wiginton, a 36-year-old Alabama woman, has received seven years in prison for the rape of a “young teenage boy,” according to a report from the Times Daily. Wiginton pled guilty to a charge of second degree rape, which is a Class B felony in-state. The sentence usually garners between two and 20 years, the news site notes.

Wiginton reportedly took advantage of the boy through a family friend, which is apparently a common M.O. of women who commit this sort of act. What becomes immediately apparent if you do this job for a few days, is that women rapists are more common than you think, and so are their stories.

The victims are generally teenage boys between 14 and 16, and even though the common snicker is that it’s awesome if you’re the kid in such a “consensual” sort of relationship, the reality is that these relationships can screw a kid up for life when it comes to how he relates to other women. Furthermore, it often leads to turmoil and maladjustment throughout the rest of their lives.

Bottom line: a 14-year-old’s brain is nowhere close to fully developed, and they shouldn’t be making these types of decisions. That’s at least how Franklin County Circuit Court Judge Terry Dempsey saw it when he sentenced Wiginton at a recent hearing. She has already applied for probation, her attorney noted.

This one doesn’t have much more to it except to say that Wiginton won’t have to wait long if she wants to resume the relationship with her victim. At the full seven years, he will actually be of age, too, but hopefully capable of making better decisions.

(Featured Image: Franklin County Sheriff’s Office)