Kenni Jo Bennett may be going away for the next 10 years of her life after bombing someone’s car with an explosive device “about the size of a soda can,” according to the News Tribune.

The news site notes that Bennett — prior to becoming the Mad Bomber of Tacoma, Wash. — was a drug dealer by trade, and she suspected that the victim in question was in communication with the police about her business activities. Bennett purchased the explosive device, then used her cigarette to light it. She placed it inside the car and ran far enough away to record the explosion with her cellphone (and without catching a piece of car door shrapnel to the face.

Bennett’s October 2016 bombing may seem like attempted murder and, thus, warranting of much greater than a 10-year sentence. However, it is important to remember she did this at night, under cover of darkness, while knowing the individual was not around. Arguing that she was actually trying to kill anyone would be difficult to do in a court of law.

Well, you won’t be laughing sister.

However, you could argue all day long (successfully) that what she did was dangerous, reckless, and terroristic in nature.┬áThat’s why she probably won’t be making any dinner plans any time soon aside from the three hots and cot coming her way when sentenced in January.

That said, Kenni Jo does not seem to be taking much responsibility for her actions. In a post from Dec. 2016 on her Facebook page, Bennett tagged the Pierce County Jail, stating, “Hey friends and family, I’m just letting you know that I’ve been away for the holidays due to unfair treatment by an unjust justice system. Please help me to come home to my daughter. I’m in need of bond money at the moment.”

She followed that up a bit later, noting, “Still need $1,000 for bond. You can still drop off at bad boys bail bonds on 48th & pacific ave in Tacoma. Thanks in advance.”

That was about a month after the original post, so apparently she didn’t have many takers.

(Featured Image: Facebook)