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Sabrina Limon, 37, has been found guilty of murdering her husband, 38-year-old Robert Limon. Limon was thrown under the bus by her secret lover, with whom she conspired to kill her husband in 2014.

Robert and Sabrina Limon had decided to open up their relationship to include sexual encounters with other couples. Limon would later testify that this caused both of them to become obsessed with sex, but for her, swinging didn’t cut it. In 2012, she began a and affair with a Jonathan Hearn, a firefighter who was a decade her junior. She didn’t meet him via swinging, but simply as a customer at a Costco where she was employed. She did not tell her husband about Hearn.

As the affair progressed, Hearn and Limon decided the best way to be together was to knock off Limon’s husband. It’s not clear why Limon couldn’t simply divorce her husband, but she did stand to gain $30,000 from his life insurance policy. Hearn also had some bizarre fascination with the Biblical story of David, who orchestrates the death of Bathsheba’s husband in order to be with her.

Sabrina Limon pretended to grieve after her husband’s murder. (Social media)

The pair plotted, first settling on poisoning. Hearn, who took a plea deal and testified against Limon, admitted to mixing arsenic into a banana pudding that Limon packed in her husband’s lunch. However, the two soon became anxious they’d be caught and Limon called her husband, telling him the bananas were bad and he should throw the pudding away. Robert Limon did not eat the pudding, and thus survived their first assassination attempt. In August of 2014, however, Hearn gunned Robert Limon down at his work.

Limon acted the part of the distraught widow, posting to her Facebook page, “I will never let Rob’s love die or fade out. I will carry it with me where ever I go, and remind our children of it daily as they grow.”

Where Limon is gong is now is prison. Hearn will serve 25 years and 4 months in jail, while Limon faces 25 to life.


Featured Image: Robert Limon and Sabrina Limon (Social Media)