Survivor Contestant Kat Edorsson Busted For Punching Her Boyfriend Survivor is on season eight thousand or something at this point. The TV show is often credited as being the first in a massive wave of reality shows to now deluge the American television airwaves. So credit need not be the exact term.

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Kat Edorsson Mugshot

click To win at Survivor you need sharp senses, cunning, and physical prowess. Maybe, I’ve never seen. Kat Edorsson is a two-time show contestant and apparently extremely popular among the show alums. Also, she punched her boyfriend in the face in Orlando and was arrested for “date” assault charge. That’s the Florida laws for when a drunk couple gets in a fight and they both go at it, though they can only arrest one. In this case, it was Edorsson as she seemed to be the one taking the inebriated altercation to a physical level.

follow link For full disclosure, this is Edorsson’s second arrest, her first being for shoplifting in 2010. Not that that’s a violent offense, but not something you want on your permanent record because people look at you kind of funny for stealing in your 20’s.

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vardenafil originale prezzo No word yet on what this penal code violation entails in terms of sentencing, but assume it’s less than punching a stranger, and more than being caught making out. We’d hate to lose a Survivor cast member to the Florida Department of Corrections for any length of time.

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