Sunnaya Nash Takes on Role of Morally Outraged Model

promo codes cialis All the working models are based in New York. When a hot young woman says she’s a model and she’s based in L.A., she’s attempting to be a model and maybe might be an actress, a waitress, a student, and often, the girlfriend of a rich older guy in the entertainment business.

see url Sunnaya Nash, who goes by Sunnaya on her social account, is 20, and claims to be a model slash interior designer student. That’s the female equivalent of a middle linebacker from the University of Miami listing Criminal Sciences as their major. It’s a placeholder. At best.

Thanks to the #MeToo hashtag, we now live in a time when women can both make a living in a sleazy business, or when things aren’t going so well, win a popularity contest by exposing how sleazy their business is. Whistleblower status is a tough one to judge since the motivations almost always tend to be something tawdry, as opposed to principled.

Sunnaya loves her some braless white tank top posing.

At 20, Sunnaya may not yet realize it, but being a whistleblower, despite what Gen-Z pop culture Tweets have taught us, is never a good way to get ahead. Short term fame and likes, for sure. Long term, well, look at Rose McGowan. Shaved head and rants are your future.

Sunnaya’s bit for #MeToo humanity was to record a private DM conversation she had with a sleazy model photographer named Marcus Hyde. Anybody who’s lived on this planet to an age not that old understands that photographers of chicks in their underpants are necessarily sleazy people. Sunnaya knows, but for the sake of this mission, she pretended she didn’t.

Sunnaya claims she really respected Hyde’s photo work with Kim Kardashian and Khloe Kardashian. As if that’s a realistic point of view. It’s like saying you like a certain porn director’s work. It’s not a legitimate context. Sunnaya has shot for Playboy before semi-nude. And with a good photographer. But it’s still not a legit thing to say.

Sunnaya saw an Instagram post from Hyde asking for models who wanted to be shot, layered over a photo of a naked woman in a shower. Not that you should make anything of such a job posting. IBM often uses the same naked woman in their Indeed ads.

Sadly, when Sunnaya wrote to Marcus Hyde about shooting her, he immediately asked her to see nude photos of herself. He told her that he charges $2,000 to shoot models (which isn’t a high price in L.A.) but that he’d shoot her for free if she showed him her bare body first. Naturally, Sunnaya replied that she’d do lingerie, but not nude.

A bikini body, petite but ripe for the likes of L.A. creepy photographers.

She recorded this tawdry conversation and posted it online as if she were Karen Silkwood exposing the cold corporate radiating of employees at a nuclear facility. Immediately, the #MeToo friendly media outlets, so, all of them, jumped on this story as “Famed Kardashian photographer bribes young model for nude photos”.

Unclear in these headlines is the use of the word bribe. It’s like saying you’re bribing a grocer a dollar to give you an apple. It’s not a bribe. It’s an offer of a deal. You show me yourself naked, I give you amazing photos for free to help your career. Because you know had she had the photos, Sunnaya would’ve been all over social media with “Famed Kardashian photographer, Marcus Hyde, took amazing photos of me”.

How many wife-beater tank tops does this young woman own?

It’s a gross game played by gross people. Marcus Hyde isn’t grosser than most chick model photographers. About par. Sunnaya, who knows where she falls on the scale. Let’s just say this kind of thing happens less often when you work in accounting or teaching.

Immediately, Kim Kardashian denounced Marcus Hyde who had to go into social media hiding. Ariana Grande joined in, simply because she’s only almost nude in all of her visual appearances so she’s able to call nude work and the men in it, distasteful.

Naturally, this has now become a cause celebrity, to show that women in the business must stick together against sleazy photographers (and producers, directors, and heads of Animation studios). But one must wonder if a business based on sex, with far more supply of workers than demand, can ever be turned into pristine commerce. I mean, stop wondering if you are, the answer is, not a chance.

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