Sue Hickman Charged

Sue Hickman (pictured above) has been identified as the shooter in the death of 54-year-old Rose Harris. The two Salt Lake City women shared a home at the time of the murder, according to KUTV. While Hickman has not been convicted of the crime, thus liberal use of the word “allegedly” should be plastered all over this piece, she wasn’t exactly trying to hide her involvement from authorities.

“I shot her. I did it. She made me snap,” the woman told Salt Lake Police when she called in requesting a welfare check, adding, “I couldn’t take it anymore, her drinking.”

Just as an aside, we should pause here to admire the moxie of a woman like Hickman, who’s just confessed killing someone to the police while complaining about and expecting a delayed welfare check for her troubles. That kind of boldness might have served her well in another life. As is, she’s now being held by the Salt Lake City Police in connection to the crime.

Now, you are probably wondering if there was a romantic connection between the two women. While we cannot say for sure at this time — police are still investigating — neighbors told the news station there was one.

“There is some kind of relationship between the two,” said SLC Police Detective Greg Wilking. “I don’t know what that is at this time. And that’s all part of the investigation that we’ll try to unfold.”

While Sue Hickman likely will not enjoy being convicted of homicide or no longer being able to make any major decisions for herself behind bars, her confessed involvement in the crime should clear up any remaining complaints about the EBT program for the next couple of several years. It’s the little victories, we suppose.

(Featured Image: Salt Lake City Police Department)