Substitute Teacher, Whitney Roberts, Arrested For Sex With 17-Year Old Student in PA

go to link Pennsylvania authorities were quick to point out that Whitney Roberts, 25, the substitute teacher arrested in Bradford County, PA for having had sex with a high school teen last Fall is actually from the state of New Hampshire. You see, minus the untold number of teacher sex scandal stories we’ve covered from Pennsylvania, it’s really the immigrant horny teachers from the Granite State who are causing all the assaults.


go to link Roberts was arrested this week for what appears to be a one-night incident of passion with the student from a Towanda, PA area high school where she was subbing. Though she was arrested on two counts of that law that says teachers can’t get naked and mount their teen students, even if they’re otherwise age of consent in the state. Those are felonies. They through in one count of corruption of a minor to boot. It sounds like one helluva an evening. Sorry to be so cavalier.

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levitra user review Nobody can find a photo Roberts yet, and the police have yet to release a booking mug shot. She didn’t seem particularly established in the teaching community, merely enough to get jiggy with a teen male. According to a New York Times article, there’s no statistical evidence that female teacher sex crimes are rising; though in the same article they present not statistical evidence, so there’s your conundrum. It’s impossible to track at the moment because the unions block any formal reporting, we can only work off of public notices after arrests. I’m sticking with the arrow pointing in the same direction as the appendages on these teen boys who keep getting into the sack with their lady teachers. Yes, upward.

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