Substitute Teacher Nataly Lopez Arrested for Sex With Middle School Student

get link It used to be somewhat of a poetic license to say, another day, another female teacher having sex with her student. Now it’s statistically super close. It’s never the old school marm, as you might suspect. It’s increasingly becoming a very clear pattern of predatory sexual behavior by relatively young female teachers. Some that may be actually entering the school system in order to be close to the boys. So, exactly like the male teachers caught taking the same criminal liberties. Is that gender equality in the workplace reassuring? Probably not in this particular case.

acquistare vardenafil senza ricetta Milano Nataly Lopez was a substitute teacher at what is being called School No. 3, a middle school in Elizabeth, New Jersey. The school district was quick to remind the press and public that Lopez did not work directly for the district, but rather for a private agency that supplies subs. This is super important to note in CYA mode as Lopez was arrested for at least two sexual encounters with a middle school boy, in her car, naturally. And additional charges for lewd and sexual messages to the same boy via social media. Can’t have those communiques after sex. More jail time.


see The 27 year old Lopez was formally charged with first-degree aggravated sexual assault, second-degree sexual assault, and third-degree endangering the welfare of a child. She’s facing ten to twenty years in state prison if convicted on all counts. That’s some heavy duty waste of life time all for the lust after a pubescent boy.

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see What’s to be learned by each of these successive encounters, investigations, and arrests, is that these are the actions of fairly irrational people. You could explain to them all the risks and downsides and it won’t stop them. Criminal student sex is their narcotic for whatever reason. The arrests and publicity are growing, as are the prison sentences, while the crimes keep rising. You see that same pathology in drugs. Women used to pick bad men. Now they pick illegal boys. One gets you a broken heart. The other ten to twenty. Stick with the broken heart.

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