Student Sues Her Middle School For Not Preventing Her Female Teacher From Molesting Her

go to link Back in 2015, Meghan Dougherty, 37, was investigated for indiscreet activities, including personal messages, texts, Valentine Cards, and ultimately sexual fondling of a 14-year old girl at Hillcrest Middle School in South Carolina where Dougherty taught and coached girls sports.

compro cialis online That investigation led to Dougherty resigning her job and being charged with a second-degree sexual assault of a minor. Dougherty bonded out of jail and despite an obvious and severe warning to never contact the girl again, did so again on two occasions over the following nine months. The meetings were described as a combination of begging the girl not to testify against the good ole teacher and more sexual fondling.

Once police were made aware of the re-connections, they picked up Dougherty and charged her with two additional sexual assault counts as well as a charge for witness intimidation. She was tossed in the clink this time without bond. No word on her ultimate sentencing.

Hillcrest Middle School in South Carolina where Dougherty taught and her victim attended.

Meanwhile, in the far less reported aspect of these massively growing teacher-student sex stories, the lawsuit against the public suit has come.

The female student, now turned 18, has exercised her adult right to sue the ever-living hell out of the school and school district in Greenville, South Carolina. The lawsuit claims gross negligence on the part of the school in preventing Dougherty from basically turning a then 14-year old girl into her lover. No details of the negligence, in particular, were offered, outside of the fact that the school has an implied responsibility to keep their employees from raping the kids.

For their part, the school district issued a statement claiming they followed all preventative measures possible, followed all rules, did all background checks, and acted swiftly as soon as they knew of any inappropriate activity.

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That’s the standard CYA. It seems like that may have been good enough just a few years ago when these cases were far rarer. You can’t account for every random chance in life. However, now that it’s been several years of these widely reported cases, the burden would seem to shift to schools to understand that, likely, there is at least one teacher on their payroll, who is at least capable of, if not committed too, bumping genitals with a kid at the school.

No matter the underlying predicate, this kid is going to get a settlement from the school because what else can they do. That school being, de facto, the taxpayers of South Carolina.

With this illicit sexual phenomenon is coming many jailed teachers, but also, untold millions of dollars for taxpayers in civil suit damages. You won’t hear this at the School Board meetings, but maybe bring it up the next time they claim there’s no money for art classes or janitorial services. The money’s being spent on disturbed Ms. Dougherty fingering a minor.

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