Stormy Daniels Arrested for Being Touched During Her Act at Ohio Strip Club I’ve always maintained that Donald Trump’s greatest superpower is the humongous and obvious faults of his most high profile detractors. That would have to include Stormy Daniels, who has a real name, but only the real newspapers feel obliged to keep reporting that fact. Everybody calls Earvin Johnson, Magic, and after hundreds of porn star turns, you’re Stormy.

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source site Daniels splits her time between well-paid strip club appearances and parading into New York courtrooms in business suits that are straight out of Chatsworth adult shoot wardrobe and . It’s hard to find a good professional tailoring on radically enhanced women. Probably why most of your senior female executives shy away from the 48DDD’s and go with a simple lift. I’m a man of average intelligence, very average, and I still have no idea what exactly Daniels is after in court. But publicity for her mid-five figure headlining act at Midwest gentleman’s clubs seem to be the subtext.

go to site Daniel’s was arrested at an Ohio establishment on the evening of July 11th for allowing a customer to touch her during her stage act. If you’ve ever been to a strip club, you know the first rule of not getting punched in the face by a massive dude named Tiny is to never touch the girls on the stage. If you’ve ever been to Ohio, you might know this is also considered a crime, between both the toucher and touched. Oh, yes, it’s a silly and antiquated vice law that pretends gentlemen’s clubs are full of gentlemen, as in the 1880’s, in top hats and respecting the virtue of the maidens baring cunny for cash. But these blue laws stand to this day. Hence, Daniels was arrested.

source site Daniels’ attorney, the media omnipresent, Michael Avenatti was already on social media insisting this was a conspiracy to hobble his client. He wondered aloud how it happened to be that local vice cops were on scene during Daniels’ act. Of course, an innocent explanation could be that every vice cop in town came to watch Stormy Daniels flash her breasts for cash. She is sort of the nation’s most famous sex worker at the moment.

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follow url Of course it’s possible that Law Enforcement Friends of Trump went in and nitpicked some lewd and lascivious charges on Stormy. It’s also possible that most people suing the President by day are not teasing their nipples on stage for truckers in the evening. I’d fine her $500 and call it a day. Also, autographed shots of her double penetration scenes. Cops work hard for simple rewards.

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