click here It takes a special kind of woman to target a special education eighth grade student for a sexual tryst. That woman would be Stephanie Amato, 33, and a teacher at Ethan Allen Elementary School in Philadelphia. After a long investigation and legal unwinding, Amato has finally pled guilty to having a regular and recurring sexual relationship with the boy from her school in her car, in her home, and some fooling around on the couch at her parent’s home. When you get to DNA testing everywhere a predatory woman’s been, you’re bound to find all sorts of icky.

lasix plus Amato turned herself in on charges of sexual corruption of a minor back in June 2014. Additional charges related to doing untoward stuff with a fourteen year old were later added on. Amato faces one to two years in prison for her crimes, as well as having to register as a sex offender.

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click here As part of her guilty plea, Amato through herself on the mercy of the court, insisting that her years along battle with heroin addiction was to blame for her illicit behavior. Amato also noted she’s the single mom of a seven month old child. The latter element by itself may have worked on some reductions, but the combo of heroin addict and mom isn’t really something that works in your favor.

here Because judges like to say stupid things during these moments, this judge noted how shocked he was that an educated woman from a good family and upbringing could wind up a drug addict and child sex crimes convict. A weekend reading crime stats wouldn’t kill the judge. Also, maybe stop being so super racist. Yes, white women with red hair also can be inhumane drug addicted miscreants. Not to mention while teaching elementary school. It might be time to get teachers to start peeing in cups. And maybe re-take that oath not to sleep with their students.

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