Stacey Hansen Sentenced

Stacey Hansen, a 47-year-old woman from Merrill, Wis., will be spending the next 15 years of her life behind bars after what a police officer found when responding to a medical distress call at an apartment complex on Oct. 29, 2015.

The victim was a 78-year-old man. By the time the officer arrived, he was not breathing. This necessitated the administering of CPR by the officer. After a couple of minutes, he regained a pulse but still had some recovery to do.

According to WEAU, the man eventually came to and told officers Hansen had tried to kill him by kneeling on his upper torso and cutting off his air supply by pinching his nose shut and closing his mouth. His injuries were consistent with the narrative.

And one without the glasses, for some reason.

The pair lived in the same apartment complex, though it was not clear how well they knew one another, nor was it immediately clear if there was an altercation, or if Hansen was just looking to save the poor guy a trip to the retirement center.

What could possibly possess someone to try and kill a stranger, especially a defenseless older person, in such a manner? Initially, to hear Hansen tell it, it was because she suffered from insanity.

However, a review found her competent enough to stand trial last November, and that was after being examined by three different doctors.

According to WHBL, “Hansen was given credit for 536 days already spent in jail and will pay $2,644 in restitution for medical bills. She’ll have an additional 10 years of supervision upon release.”

While no one wants to be attacked by their neighbor, this gentleman did appear to get off easy compared to the elderly victim in this earlier case reported by Huffington Post that involved a British family googling “easiest way to kill an old person” right before pounding their grandfather with bricks.

Convicted in the case were the grandfather’s 49-year-old daughter, 16-year-old granddaughter, 19-year-old grandson and his 17-year-old girlfriend on conspiracy charges to commit murder. Pretty sure that wasn’t the page one search result. Thankfully the old guy lived through it.

(Featured Image: Merrill Police Department)