Special Ed Teacher Threatens to ‘Shoot Up’ Her School

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viagra discount online pharmacy Kristen Thompson, 49, an elementary school teacher in Hillsborough, North Carolina, was arrested this past week when multiple teachers at her school overheard her threatening to shoot up the school.

Obviously, the end of the school year brings a ton of stress for teachers. For instance, what to do with your upcoming 3-months paid vacation. It’s not known if Thompson had any prior history of violent threats, but assume not so much since she was still allowed to be an elementary school teacher.

Nevertheless, when you straight-faced start mentioning how you’d like to bring a gun to school and mow people down, well, 2019 or 1919, that’s going to draw some attention. And it did. The teachers who heard the threats passed it on to school administrators who passed it on to local law enforcement who arrested the Pathways Elementary School teacher on making a threat of mass violence. That’s a felony.

Pathways Elementary School in Orange County, North Carolina

Thompson was processed by the Orange County Sheriff’s Department. She’s scheduled for a hearing on June 14th when she’s expected to say something like, “Oops”. What else can you do?

Thompson was forced to resign. Anti-gun activists are pointing to this case already as an example of how insane it would be to arm teachers, as some lawmakers have proposed. Of course, nobody’s considered the fact that Thompson could’ve obtained a gun for herself regardless. Thankfully, she merely seems temporarily unstable. There are very few middle-aged women actually shooting up schools. Like, none, ever.

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