Special Ed Teacher Monica Snee Busted Selling Heroin at Parkside High School

cialis generico ci vuole la ricetta In a slight break from the never ending tales of teacher-student sex cases, it’s almost refreshing to find a high school teacher merely moving high amounts of heroin and prescription drugs at her high school and surrounding locations.


http://maientertainmentlaw.com/?search=prednisone-20-mg-tab-side-effcts Monica Snee, 51, a Special Education teacher at Parkside High School in Maryland, was picked up and arrested at the school, where she was found in possession of 100 packets of heroin and various prescription drugs and cash in her car. She was arrested for the possession with intent to sell. Not only did she intend to sell, but apparently she was moving drugs through both the high school where she worked and surrounding locations throughout the city.

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http://cinziamazzamakeup.com/?x=miglior-sito-per-comprare-vardenafil-originale-20-mg Wicomico County Sheriff Mike Lewis called Snee’s actions “the worst act of betrayal”, which seems a bit heavy handed, though pushing heroin at the school where you teach certainly isn’t going to win you any educator awards. Somebody’s got to be the dealer for an unquenchable desire our nation has for its opiates. Though bringing drugs on campus will cost you many more years on the pokey. So there’s that.


http://maientertainmentlaw.com/?search=prednisone-10-mg-tabs There’s no lesson to be learned here other than don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time. Assume Snee passed all background checks. That’s the obligatory official statement.

Police haul found in Monica Snee’s car at Parkside High School.
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