The Summit Academy in Herman, Pennsylvania, is one of those institutions you recall your parents threatening you would be your new school if you kept up your delinquent teen ways. A court-adjudicated private “academy” in a scary looking old church looking building. Imagine the students there have a wide array of special needs, including educational needs requiring specialized teaching. Enter, special ed teacher, Jordan Ondish, 24, who now stands accused of doing far too much sexual education hands-on instruction in her classroom during breaks. That’s a no-no at any school, not that it seems to be stopping these young lady teachers from dipping into the student body for pleasure. But at a school like Summit where the kids are fairly heavily scrutinized and supervised, expect it never to go unnoticed. In fact, the undoing of Ms. Ondish and her lust-filled heart and other orifices needing filling came about with the discovery of her student victim’s cellphone in his room. A phone Ondish purchased for the teen. The kids at Summit are not allowed personal cellphones of any kind. The phone was confiscated from the teen who is only known to be “between 14 and 19” and therein lurid texts between the boy and Jordan Ondish were discovered.

source link One thing led to another and the boy confessed to multiple sexual encounters with Ondish in her classroom in the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving. Everybody celebrates the start of the long Christmas holiday season differently. Ondish chose to celebrate by violating her male high school student. She’d only been working at Summit for six months at the time. New hires, whatcha gonna do?

here Word is that her bosses at Summit warned Ondish about her irregular behavior at some point in the past. Though apparently not warned strongly enough. Summit released a statement that was not the least bit helpful:

price of accutane ‘The administration at Summit Academy was made aware of an inappropriate relationship between a teacher and a student and it was immediately reported to the state police. The teacher was then terminated.’

viagra generico prezzo a Napoli Good work, Summit. Our children are safe in your hands once again. Our troubled kids at least who’ve been through the system. And by hands, I meant your female teachers’ loins. But all the same.

go Ondish stand arrested and accused of institutional sexual assault. Meaning teacher on high school student. Given the nature of the arrest, it seems safe to assume her student lover was at least sixteen years of age, the line of consent in Pennsylvania.