Courtney Nicole Williams, a 35-year-old special ed teacher in Austin, Texas, is accused of biting a 9-year-old girl. She has been charged with injury to a child and is now on administrative leave at the school. The girl, who is in the 4th grade, was acting out in her classroom. Williams was charged with removing the girl from the room. The story varies depending on which person you’re asking.

Williams told police that the girl flailed her arms wildly as soon as the pair entered the hallway of the school, so Williams moved the girl into a nearby conference room. In that conference room, Williams said the girl threw her arms up and struck her in the nose and mouth, leaving her face bloodied. Williams claims she was talking to the girl, asking her to chill out, which meant her mouth was open. This is how, Williams said, she ended up making contact with the girl’s arm with her teeth. The incident left a minor wound on the girl’f left bicep.

Bite marks (Image: Action 10 News)

The girl told authorities that Williams restrained her hands behind her back in the conference room and deliberately bit her. A witness told police she heard the girl screaming, “You bit me!” The witness also noted that she did not see any blood on Williams’ face, which contradicts with Williams’ account that the girl smacked her in the face hard enough to split her lip and bloody her nose. Another faculty member, this time the chair of the school’s special ed department, said that Williams was too aggressive with the girl because she was “frustrated” with her behavior. Worse for Williams, a nurse with Dell Children’s Hospital Child Abuse Resource and Education determined the bite was intentional.

The child’s mother agreed, telling reporters, “I could tell it was intentional. it was red, it was top teeth and bottom teeth there is no way an arm just hits you and have both of those marks on your arm.”

Caring for children, and especially children with special needs, requires patience. I certainly don’t have it, and that’s why I am only a mother to cats and reptiles. But if you’re going to enter that field, you need to be able to achieve your inner zen, lest you end up in our rogue gallery.

Image: Austin Police Department