click here Back in 2015, Crawford High School Spanish teacher, Toni Sutton, then 37, was busted for an ongoing, eight month long sexual relationship with a fifteen year old male student at the school. Sutton routinely pulled the boy out of class to have sexual intercourse in her classroom behind locked doors, at the house where she lived with her boyfriend and kids, and as in all cases of female teacher on young male student sex — the car. This 2/3 of a year long sexual romp is more commonly known under law as, felony sexual abuse. The charge for which Sutton was sentenced the following year to two years in prison. Oh, those chunky randy Spanish teachers who aren’t the least bit Spanish.

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follow url As we are now seeing in growing trend to arrests and convictions, along comes the inevitable multi-million dollar lawsuit. The boy, now 19, and his family, sued his former teacher and the San Diego Unified School District with the allegations that administrators at the school were quite aware of an inappropriate relationship between Sutton and the boy many months before her ultimate arrest. Needless to say, they did nothing about it. There was evidence that administrators reminded Sutton of her obligation to keep her relationships with students strictly professional, but no followup at all to see if she complied with the notice. Ergo, she ignored the warning and kept boinking the teen boy in her classroom.

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viagra generico 50 mg in farmacia senza ricetta pagamento online a Genova It was noted in the lawsuit that other teachers at school would even ask Sutton for the whereabouts of the student when he was missing their classes. Which goes to my theory that not a single one of these teacher-student sex liaisons, most especially those of an ongoing nature, are kept secret from fellow teachers or students for that matter. It’s nearly impossible for teachers having sex with students to keep it entirely on the down low, for the very reason that the particular women who do this, are sloppy type people. As in, they leave massive trails or evidence, including almost always, all those naked photos and sexual texts sent over social media channels. These are not arch-criminals, but rather, careless romantics, to put it nicely.

source site The jury this week found in the favor of the boy and his emotional therapeutic damages and lifelong counseling needs and awarded him $2.1 million. Of that amount, nearly $900,000 will be forked over by the negligent school district, the remainder to be a lien against a likely broke-ass former Spanish teacher.

miglior sito per acquistare viagra generico 100 mg a Milano I always caution people, in the midst of the mirth and often merriment surrounding these female teacher sex cases, whether or not you believe the teen boy is truly victimized, understand that tax payers will ultimately be footing these civil suits. To put it more directly, is it still as amusing when it costs you $50?