enter site Another day, another female teacher arrested for having sex with her teenaged student. I’m quite certain I felt like I was a catch as a high school kid. In hindsight, I’m equally certain that few grown women, let alone female teachers, felt the same way about me. There must be a type. And that goes for both involved parties.

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go to site Burke High School in Charleston, South Carolina teacher Jennifer Olajire-Aro, 27, married, maybe kids, was busted for sexual battery with a student. The student in question is seventeen, past the age of consent in the state, but there is that sticky rule forbidding teachers from having sex with their students. It constitutes a battery crime. Imagine that in Carolina you can actually be a woman who loves seventeen year olds and have sex with them whenever you like. Unless they are students in your school district. And that is the one boy you simply have to get your fetish off with. Now you’re in jail.


http://citiva.com/?search=buy-real-cialis According to police, the sexual affair between student and teacher lasted several months, before the student himself told the school administrators. Since no teen boy in his right mind gives up sex with his 27-year old teacher, assume something soured in the illicit sexual relationship, like the sex, and this was his plan to get back at her. It certainly worked.


enter site Olajire has a bond hearing set for today at which time certainly more should be learned about the depths of her wanton lust for teen student flesh. Also how much she has to come up with to get out of jail and go face her husband. That’s an interesting conversation.

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