South Carolina School ‘Teacher of the Year’ Let Go For Chugging Wine Throughout the Day I’m often mentioning on here when covering the never ending cases of teachers having sex with students that there’s really just one rule to keeping your teaching job in the public schools — don’t have sex with the students. But, in fact, there are two more. First, don’t hit your students. And, second, don’t keep bottles of wine in your classroom closet you reach for and throwback through the day to the point that you’re staggering in class and slurring words repeatedly. Functional alcoholic, fine. Not the least bit functional, and you will, eventually, be asked to leave.

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how can i get some cialis get link Catherine Sullivan was by all accounts a quite well-liked 8th grade teacher at Hanahan Middle School in South Carolina. In fact, she had been voted ‘Teacher of the Year’ in the school before. Such it was a surprise to parents when Sullivan suddenly disappeared from the school last Fall without so much as a word as to why. When parents queried the school and the school district, they were told it was a confidential matter. As if that’s a real answer that gets people to stop wondering.

where to buy brand generic viagra A local reporter was finally able to get access to the school employment records related to Sullivan this month and discovered the documentation of multiple incidents of Sullivan being wobbly or red-eyed and slurring her words at school. One time she was locked in her own room in the closet while kids were waiting outside wondering what was happening. Another time confronted about the smell of sweet-grape on her breath and having to be sent home.
Sullivan might’ve got away with her drinking had it not been for those meddling kids. To make matters worse, and a sign of the times, apparently one or more of her own middle school students found Ms. Sullivan’s stash of mini-wine bottles in her classroom closet and took photos for evidence. Now every kid is a junior Nancy Drew or Hardy Boy with 60 GB of high def photo storage. Apparently the school looks down on teachers not only being drunks, but drinking on the job from hidden wine cabinets. Merely drinking that much wine should be some kind of crime. Wino is meant to be somewhat euphemistic.

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