go site Lest you think the land of the free and the home of the brave is the only nation where female teachers are honing in on, grooming, and hooking up with their young teen flesh males student bodies, think again, nationalist. These stories come from all over the globe, at an increasing rate. Including the glorious land Down Under, where we’ve followed multiple lady educators seducing and sexing up young pupils.

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go site The latest being that of Sonia Mackay, an Adelaide, Australia blonde who first denied then later copped to a quite intensive sexual and emotionally dramatic relationship with a 17-year old boy she taught at Christian Brothers College in town. Not only were the two doing the deed, but apparently Mackay completely dominated this teen boy, encouraging him to stay away from home, ignore his own schoolwork, and spend time with her drinking and boinking, even as she burned him with cigarettes in places to display her ownership of her young man-meat.


cialis australia In statements from both the boy and his parents following Mackay’s guilty plea to exploitation of the kid (with 18 being the age of consent in Australia in regard to a teacher-student fling), a rather disturbing level of detail arose about Mackay’s buying the boy things, begging him to stay with her, and even threatening to kill herself if he went home. For his part, the dominated teen lover spoke of dreams of becoming a dentist, before his own teacher tore him away from studies and ambition, and toward a life of sex and perversion. That might have been one victim statement too far.

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cialis daily canada Mackay apologized in court to the boy and his parents for being such a heartless hussy of a teacher, not her exact words, but she went full self-flagellation before the court which will decide her punishment fate in the coming months.

here Is it more of less disturbing to learn that places like Australia and England are experiencing the same rush of teacher-student sexual improprieties as the U.S.? I’d include France but a 15-year old boy there was sexually groomed by his 39-year old married mother of three teacher and they made them President and First Lady respectively.