Soccer Star Alex Morgan Kicked Out of Disney World for Drunk and Disorderly Who knew you could even acquire alcohol at Disney World, let alone a whole bar in Epcot Center where you and your soccer buddies could get plowed and belligerent? I don’t mean that as a criticism. More of a, it might be time to consider a Disney World vacation again.

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go here Former U.S. Women’s Olympic soccer star and current player in the women’s professional league, Alex Morgan, led her derelict and drunken band of heavy Disney drinkers into a state requiring police intervention. Unclear if this was Orlando’s finest legit cops or the Disney cops, like Goofy with a shield. In either case, Morgan’s companions complied with the orders to GTFO of the Magical Kingdom. Morgan, not so much. She decided to verbally duke it out with cops, including a loudly slurred mention of how she was tight with local S.W.A.T. An odd thing to say whether true or false.

levitra generico Umbria There’s no real shame in being kicked out of a bar for being drunk. That’s why we have bars. It’s like being kicked out of the Golden Corral buffet for going back too many times for chocolate pudding and garlic bread. Almost heroic.

disount us pharmacy accutane Naturally, Alex Morgan being a sports figure with endorsements and a public image, the soccer star came out with a public apology after sobering up: “I want to apologize for my actions that occurred over the weekend. I will learn from this make sure it does not happen again. #liveandlearn.”

propecia rogaine sale uk If you wondered if she’s serious about her remorse — hashtag. Nothing says sincerity like a pound sign with an arbitrary set of words placed immediately after. In the realm of professional athlete misconduct and arrests, this is fairly tame. Soccer players tend to take dives more than mixing it up. Also, that whole can’t use your hands rule kind of ties your… hands. Booze in Disney World. Who knew?

viagra drug addiction Photo credit: Sports Illustrated Swimsuit

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