Smallville Actress, Allison Mack, Awaits Arrest As Chief Sex Recruiter in Criminal Cult

go here One day perhaps, with enough gender equality progress, we’ll get to a place where some crazy middle aged woman with a Messiah complex will convince dozens of teen boys and young men to service her every sexual and physical need in the name of a mystical power. Until then, we’re stuck with dudes with beards and the mentally ill young women who attach themselves to his every word and instruction.

acquistare vardenafil online sicuro Sardegna Former Teen Choice Award winner, Allison Mack, she of Smallville series fame, somehow fell into the clutches of a dude named Keith Raniere, who runs self-improvement and meditation retreats for young actresses. Pretty convenient setup if you’re looking to build a side cult. The¬†NXIVM courses were your standard yogi crap dished out to young ladies desperate to figure out why their parents and casting directors both hate them. Hint: it’s them, not you, and Uncle Keith has a super private side group that meets in the mountains of Mexico or upstate New York if you’d like to finally make your life worth living. P.S. Pack only thongs and say goodbye to all your friends.

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comprare viagra generico 25 mg a Milano What possesses anybody to follow a guy named Keith toward the ends of servitude and sexual humiliation is a question best left for psychiatric counselors, but Allison Mack joined up and soon became Raniere’s right hand woman. A semi-legitimate face of the cult franchise that helped lure in other women, both the paying type, and the unpaid young girl type to be sex slaves for the Dear Leader.
Allison Mack (right) and actress Nicki Clyne (left) were both part of the NXIVM cult.

viagra free samples This nasty business went on for some time, until the New York Times wrote an expose on NXIVM, and the side-cult known as DOS, which is an acronym in Latin for Keith bangs fifty teen girls, almost literally. Who knew? That led the FBI to step up their efforts and eventually track Raniere down at one of the cult sites in Mexico, where he was arrested and hauled off, with Allison Mack and other devotee females chasing after his police transport. That’s a nice visual stamp on crazy town.

Mack stands potentially responsible for recruiting up to 25 young women into the sex cult. One of the lovely treats of being in the DOS clan were the pubic region brandings, which apparently were the combo initials of Keith and Allison. Nice. Going to be hard to hide from those crotch brands during the inevitable court case. Mack has yet to be arrested, but has been named as co-conspirator in Raniere’s indictment and has taken down her website which contained tons of stupidly written love letters to the cult and to Keith Raniere. Naturally, all of that content has already been archived on the web and will certainly be thrown in the face of her defense attorney when pleas are being discussed for multiple counts of aiding and abetting forced labor, statutory rape, and kidnapping.

How did we get from here? Kid actress turned chief lieutenant in a creepy guy’s sex cult? Manson-esque.

go site It’s easy to chalk up Allison Mack’s story, and a bunch of other kid actors who followed her into the Raniere cult, to the savage mental cruelty of child acting in Hollywood. Easy because it’s true. These girls come out of the back end of this process ready for anything unhealthy. Bad relationships, drugs, mental illness, suicide, prison. Give Raniere some credit. He figured out the world’s most easy target of pretty young women with built-in mental disorders from ten years of hard work and being only nineteen years old.

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