Morgan Geyser, Anissa Weier To Be Tried As Adults

informazioni vardenafil dosaggio Slenderman is about as creepy as they come if you are trying to find the most hair-raising fictional boogeyman. The Internet horror creation has been spliced into photos and videos all over the WWW for several years now. He’s tall, faceless and disturbingly thin, all adding up to a not-quite-human form ideal for nightmares. But at the end of the day, he’s fake and, on his own, about as harmless as a poodle.

watch Unfortunately, there’s enough curb appeal in ol’ Slender that he’s a bit more dangerous in terms of ideology. That is to say, you don’t find a lot of Westminster Dog Show Champions, who inspire real people to go out and do real horrible things. Slenderman wins in that regard. That became all too apparent in 2014 when a trio of 12-year-old “friends” went into the woods.

cialis generico 24 ore They all came out eventually, but one of them had 19 stab wounds. Thankfully, she survived and her attackers, Morgan Geyser and Anissa Weier, are now awaiting trial, according to People magazine. The crime will play a central role in the upcoming HBO documentary Beware the Slenderman, which is set to air on Jan. 23.

accutane price One of the most terrifying things about the real life event, according to People writer Elaine Aradillas who covered the case and spoke to the involved parents, is that the girls did not really have any telltale signs of being batshit crazy. Aradillas said the girls — even the attackers — came from normal homes and had not been exposed to anything too out of the ordinary. “I think what people are going to find out is how normal the parents are, and how normal their life was, and how typical they were as 12-year-old girls. It really could be any of our kids,” Aradillas said. Hm. Just think of how horrible these kids might have turned out if they had gotten a glimpse at the original — and much scarier — Slenderman.

There’s something to think about when you tuck little Suzie into bed tonight.