There are any number of tells that you are a truly horrible person. Mostly in the eye of the beholder. One overwhelming way to secure your place in the annals of fetid human history is to be caught beating your cute dog with a frying pan on video. The old frying pan to the head of the cheating or drunk and wayward husband was a staple of southern bad mama jama caricatures. You can still catch a glimpse of it on reruns of Cops. It’s funny. Unless the recipient is a defenseless pooch.

Alyssa Renae Duvall, you get three names when you’re a serial killer or animal abuser, didn’t take kindly to her dog urinating on the floor. She took both her hand and frying pan to the side of the dog’s head. The video will disturb people more than watching war footage because it’s nearly impossible not to be universally sympathetic to beaten dogs. Do watch at your own mental health risk.

The video was shot by Duvall’s mom who has a different last name than her daughter, so you can begin to see the pathology of a nineteen-year old who cracks a frying pan on her dog’s skull. Also, you can visit Duvall’s GoFundMe page where she’s raising money to help her and her roommates recover from burning down their house. Shit happens. A lot of shit seems to happen to Alyssa Duvall. Or by her hand. At some point the distinction becomes irrelevant.

Duvall was forced to remove her Facebook page and is slowly coming to realize that being labeled an animal abuser in the social media age is a reputation death sentence. Not to mention death threats. You could murder a police officer and the comments would be split 70-30. Whack a dog with a frying pan while screeching on video and you are virtual toast.

Duvall was arrested for animal cruelty and released on bond. She’ll likely suffer little penally speaking. That Google name search bit will be the killer forever more. There goes medical school.