While the world remains entirely unimpressed with theories as to the kidnapping and subsequent release of diminutive blond housewife, Sherri Papini, a constant refrain seems to be picking up in newspapers and blogs regarding her abduction related to sex trafficking rings operating in the United States.

As to this matter, be aware that (1) there is most definitely illegal sex trafficking taking place within the United States, and (2) no way in hell was Sherri Papini the victim of abduction for the purposes of slavery, sexual or otherwise. A layman’s glance at the science surrounding sex trafficking worldwide and in the United States provides a pretty clear picture of how this heinous underground industry operates. First, the victims are largely children, largely disenfranchised populations in war torn or refugee situations where displacement and lack of supervision of permanent household is the norm. Obviously, this presents an easy target for the evil merchants in this business. Also, occasionally the motivation for such subhuman behavior is motivated by cultural or religious hate and discrimination.


Within the far more politically stable United States, sex trafficking plays out largely in major cities on the East Coast such as New York and Miami and largely among immigrant populations or notably, among children in the welfare system, runaways, foster children, and displaced children who fall between the cracks. Still, these vulnerable children are very rarely abducted. Sex traffickers weigh the risk of such open criminal behavior to their underground lurid commerce. Rather, they lure these children into the horrid situations with promises of friendship, support, and room and board and safety. More often than not, other children often of the same cultural background are used to ply the targets into complicity. The result is a large number of “lost children” forced to serve in sexual or labor slavery for some very ruthless, violent individuals.

All of which leads back to Sherri Papini, a petite, but grown woman living out in rural Shasta County in California where there is no hint whatsoever of sex trafficking trade being real or legitimate. The notion that she would be kidnapped out of the blue, beaten and branded and shorn and starved for several weeks then released fits absolutely not a single pattern of sex trafficking norms. It’s likely nobody would be saying this if she were not an obviously attractive woman. Moms simply are not being grabbed off the streets in Northern California and sold into slavery.


You might note that while her husband Keith Papini has been extremely outspoken about the legitimacy of his wife’s abduction, torture, and thankful release, there has been little outcry from the family to “catch the perpetrators”. If you believe in the sex trafficking angle, not only was Sherri Papini randomly extremely fortunate, but that would imply there are “two hispanic women” among others out there in SUVs snatching up girls and women for lives of miserable rape and servitude. Shouldn’t there be an APB and a widespread manhunt? None of which seems to be taking place.

This should not imply that Sherri Papini’s abduction was entirely a hoax, as many suggested early on. It certainly looked that way. But it ought open some questions as to what really happened to Papini and the true nature of her kidnappers and whether or not there is more to this story than is currently being told. There simply has to be.