If it seems like almost every day a female teacher is providing booze and free rampant car or corn field sex to one of her late teen male students. That’s probably because it is. I’m not sure what married female teachers used to do as hobbies, but surely Parcheesi and Cribbage have seen a downturn in participation. Does anybody knit anymore? I mean, in lieu of blowing their strapping young high school students?

42-year old Sheri Maufort was an all-purpose school district substitute in Pennsylvania where she landed some work at Unionville High School and promptly became the most popular teacher in the school. At least as voted on by two of her male students, who at different times, she engaged with in a sexual manner. It’s not possible to learn the precise nature of the sexual charges, but the language seems to infer she performed oral sex on this seventeen year old and eighteen year old victim, respectively. Imagine how angry they must be. The anger is buried deep in their subconscious, below all the smiles and giggles and emotional high fives. Women have no idea what it feels like to be an eighteen year old boy and older men conveniently pretend they forgot.

3a7acc5600000578-3946122-image-m-12_1479397494606 Sheri Maufort was arrested on multiple counts of institutional sexual assault, unlawful contact with minor, endangering welfare of children, and corruption of minors. That seems excessive for a blow job out behind the Denny’s. But the law is the law, and as District Attorney District Attorney Tom Hogan noted in his statement, there’s really only one rule to follow:

“I have said it before and I will say it again. Rule No. 1 for school staff is: ‘DO NOT HAVE SEXUAL CONTACT WITH A STUDENT.’ If you break this rule, you will be fired, sent to jail, and never work in a school again.”

I know it’s just one rule, but that’s a toughie for the ladies like Sheri Maufort. You might as well tell an anteater the one rule is no eating ants. The lady had needs and young male partners who were not into creating many hurdles to fulfill those needs. If you’re wondering how Maufort’s husband felt about her extracurricular exploits, you’ll be happy to know that he drove one of the boys home after having sexual contact with his wife. So, assume he was, in the very least, in the know. In the very not least… well, that’s for another day and another sketch-board.