Shazetta Jackson-Pickett Confesses To Offing Her Allegedly Philandering Husband

Acquistare Cialis In Italia If you’ve ever been cheated on, especially within the boundaries of a marriage, you know how emotionally devastating it can be. And if you are having any trouble envisioning it, then just look into the grief-stricken eyes of Shazetta Jackson-Pickett (pictured above). The Dallas Morning News reports that Shazetta confronted her husband at work to, as the police affidavit puts it, “discuss ongoing issues with their marriage.” In other words, Jackson-Pickett wasn’t too keen on the cheating.

go here She decided the best way of handling the issue would be to go down to her hubby’s work and kill herself right there in front of him. It might have happened, too, had she not then overheard him speaking to “another woman” about her. Feeling the proverbial knife had twisted just a bit too far, she pulled out the handgun she intended to use on herself and instead pointed it at the victim, closed her eyes, and pulled the trigger.

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informazioni viagra generico 100 mg a Genova Following the deadly gunshot, Jackson-Pickett went briefly on the run still mulling over the idea of taking her own life. Police were eventually able to persuade her to face the music, however, which is probably a better outcome.

watch (Well, unless you’re the victim or the victim’s family.)

go here In Shazetta’s case, she can probably charge the “temporary insanity” hoop pretty hard. The mugshot is pretty convincing anyway. If you’re at that place where Shazetta was at, ladies, take some deep breaths. We fellas are a dime a dozen, and none of us are worth a murder rap.

dove acquistare viagra generico 100 mg a Genova Nevertheless, infidelity is a common catalyst for marital problems, and yes, guys are usually to blame, though not by much, according to these statistics from Statistic Brain. Of married men and women who have committed at least one marital infraction in their matrimony, 22 percent of men fessed up versus 14 percent of women. For overall infidelity in any relationship, the stats are a bit higher with 57 percent men cheaters and 54 percent women cheaters. Obviously, you can’t handle it the way Jackson-Pickett did, or around 30 percent of the world’s population would be dead overnight.

omprare viagra generico consegna rapida a Venezia (Featured Image: Dallas County Jail)

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