Being rejected is always tough, and no one would blame you for being pouty about it. But if you’re Sharon Harry, you skip the waterworks and head straight for your cutlery drawer.

Sharon Harry, 61, was charged with aggravated assault after she allegedly attacked her roommate in their Trenton, New Jersey apartment. Sharon was apparently feeling a bit frisky that night and attempted to seduce him. He wasn’t feeling it and told her as much. Any rational person would have respected their lover’s decision and maybe booked a little alone time with the Internet and a battery-operated device. But not Sharon. Her┬ánext move was to walk┬áinto the kitchen, grab a knife and shove it in the man’s chest.

The roommate was able to relate the story to police and is likely to survive, though officials say his wound was quite severe.

Apparently, this bizarre outburst is Sharon’s first brush with the law. She has been since ordered to stay away from the victim.

Photo Credit: Mercer County Prosecutor’s Office