vardenafil 20 mg senza ricetta online in italia The massive phenomenon that the teachers’ unions and New York Times would have you believe doesn’t exist, continues to roll on, with yet another female public school teacher arrested for having sex with a student. Granted, there are still several multiple more male teachers arrested for similar crimes, but since we expect male teachers to prey on teen girls, the shock of so many grown women, often married with kids, throwing caution to the wind and shtupping their high school students is rather more noteworthy. The latest arrest being Shari Herrs, 35, a high school P.E. teacher at Campus High School in Haysville, Kansas, a suburb of Wichita. Herrs was arrested this past week and booked on one count of unlawful sexual relations, which would imply sex with a high school student at Campus even if he was the age of consent in the State, which for the record is only 16. But you can’t touch the merchandise, you randy, low hanging fruit picking faculty members. It’s literally the one rule of teaching kids. You can have a 99% failure rate on standardized tests in your classroom and they still can’t fire you or deny you raises. You just can’t have sex with the kids.

prednisone 100mg day Herrs has been placed on Administrative leave at her high school, until matters progress further legally. She posted bail and was release from the County pokie shortly after her arrest and processing. Now we’ll wait to see if Kansas is one of the states that will pursue Herrs with equal vigor as they would a male teacher, or let the fact she’s a woman and a mom and cries a lot in meetings help her plead down to a minor offense with no jail time. We’ll report back!

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