Shanice Reynolds Shoots Friend In Home

Florida is known for its “stand your ground” laws as famously documented in the controversial George Zimmerman case. The thinking is that if you feel your life is in danger, you have no obligation to retreat and can use deadly force. It’s often associated with homeowners, who draw down on burglars trying to illegally enter their homes, but it does leave room for interpretation, and that can be dangerous. Example: it worked for Zimmerman (somehow), but in the case of 22-year-old woman Shanice Reynolds … good luck with that.

The only thing Reynolds does have going for her is the fact that her alleged victim did not die, and was instead taken to Memorial Regional Hospital in Hollywood. That’s where the good news ends for the young suspect, though. Police report that Reynolds and her friend were engaged in an argument prior to the shooting. Authorities responded to reports on the gunshot and caught Reynolds and an unnamed male walking out of the backdoor. In her pocket they found a semi-automatic handgun along with 19 Xanax pills.

Usually “stand your ground” won’t do any good when you invite the person into your home, have no injuries on your person, are carrying a gun and an inordinate amount of drugs, and aren’t the one who reported the gunshot in the first place. So it’ll be interesting to see how the defense frames this case for Reynolds. In the meantime, the only charge she is facing is carrying a concealed weapon, according to Local10. That could be added to in the coming days.

(Featured Image: Hollywood Florida Police)