Cialis senza ricetta per migliorare potenza di consegna in Italia We all know that hot chicks have extra privilege in society. And we all know that by and large they are doing better at getting out of traffic tickets and other minor arrests than the rest of us mongrel hordes. But even a horny cop isn’t going to let an attractive woman drive away slurring and inebriated in her car simply because he wants to get in her pants. Maybe if he actually got in her pants, but even then, you’re not letting her keep the keys.

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erythematous side effect of prednisone Lauren Elizabeth Cutshaw, 32, blew past a stop sign at a high rate of speed, prompted a traffic stop by police in Bluffton, South Carolina. During the car visit from police, Cutshaw insisted that she ought be given a free pass since she was out celebrating her birthday and she was, in her own drunken words, “a┬ávery clean, thoroughbred, white girl”. Unclear what those first two terms even mean, or certainly what she meant by them. Does she wash thoroughly and can she run six furlongs in under a minute?

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comprare viagra 200 mg online generico a Torino The latter self-description being slightly more easy to follow. I’m white, this is South Carolina, what’s the problem? When that didn’t go-over as expected, Cutshaw began rambling out her curriculum vitae as a former college sorority sister, a former cheerleader, and having had great grades through school. Again, kind of sexy, but unless you’re offering sex, you’re not allowed to be a deadly danger to your community.

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watch When all else failed, Cutshaw pulled out of the hat that her partner was a cop. Presumably she meant boyfriend, and not that she was a cop with a partner. Either way, once you’ve played the “thoroughbred” card, the Friends of Police thing isn’t going to cut it. Also, Cutshaw had weed in the car. South Carolina hates weed. Cutshaw winked knowingly a few more times at cops reiterating her clean whiteness and was formally arrested for everything in her system and in her car. Now she’s a white chick with a record.