Sexy Dental Assistant Squeezed Boyfriend’s Balls Until They Bled; Arrested

comprare cialis online While you may run up large credit card bills paying women from shipping containers to injure your nuts, presume that the man who called the Florida cops on his live-in girlfriend for assaulting his genitals was far less pleased.

compro kamagra Oral Jelly 100mg uono compresse efficaci contro l’eiaculazione precoce. Principio attivo - Sildenafil. Vendita Kamagra Gel a prezzi bassi con la Katie Lee Pitchford, 21, a Melbourne, Florida area dental assistant and part-time masseuse and facial cleansing specialist (Hey, Mon, six jobs!) was taken into custody by the Indian Harbour Beach Police for beating the stuffing out of her boyfriend. His name is redacted. He’s the victim.

subaction showcomments viagra archive remember When cops arrived at the guy’s residence he shared with Pitchford, his live-in girlfriend, the man was covered in visible blood, with deep scratches to his face. The man claimed that Pitchford punched him multiple times, scratched the hell out of his face, and for the big finale, “Squeezed his balls until they bled”.

It’s unclear how a layman would know his balls were actually bleeding, but suffice it to say if you’re girlfriend wrecks your nuts to the point you believe you’re bleeding, that’s assault. Also, it hurts.

Pitchford was promptly arrested for misdemeanor battery in the first degree, which technically means unwarranted scrotum attack. She was also charged with violating her probation. A quick check of Pitchford’s record in Brevard County shows a background of a half-dozen traffic violations and an arrest for breaking into a car and battling with law enforcement officers. Or as they call it in Florida, $500 in restitution and we let you go on probation.

No word on what set off the couple that evening, or pushed Pitchford toward violence, but assume you know the topic of this couple’s next conversation — why the hell did you make my balls bleed? Hint: there’s no good answer.

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