comprare viagra generico 100 mg spedizione veloce a Verona Look, there are worse things you can do with your little daughter when she gets in the way of your social life than simply leaving her home alone overnight unattended. See Casey Anthony. Ouch. That one hits home. But Alexandra Ciliento, 29, remains in deep child neglect doo-doo for leaving her four year old daughter at home completely unsupervised while she hit the all night Scottsdale party scene. According to police reports, Ciliento, a hyper fit fitness instructor in the area whose profile says she can’t live without “cherry chapstick”, decided at about 11pm on Saturday evening that she needed to dance, dance, dance the night away. There’s no indication she notified anybody that she was leaving her 4-year old home alone, or attempted to secure a babysitter or some other mom kind of thing to do. Somewhere early morning, about 6:30am, the little girl woke up, found nobody home, and rather than slapping after-shave on her face like Kevin, decided rather to toddle over to the neighbor’s house. The neighbor seemed cool enough about the situation. Apparently they tried to reach Ciliento for almost 45 minutes unsuccessfully before calling the cops. Because if you’re leaving your little one at home alone while you’re gone all night, you especially want to make sure you’re not answering your cell. Cops finally reached Ciliento at 8am, at which point she returned home and declared she had no idea her 4-year old daughter could unlock the doors to get out. That’s almost like an excuse.

enter site Police arrested Ciliento on one count of child-abuse and put the kid in the care of her father, who you would presume is not in the Pilates’ instructor’s life much, else she might’ve asked him to look after her while she partied. Actually, not sure how that works.