School Band Teacher Ruth Baggetta and Teacher Husband in Court on Sex With Teen Charges

free sample herbal viagra You may recall the case of the Baggettas, the husband and wife teachers at different schools in Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania, who were mutually accused of carrying on a sexual affair with a 16-year old female student from husband Nick’s school. Ruth Baggetta taught band at neighboring junior-senior high school. Since the age of consent in Pennsylvania is 16, the charges allude to the laws against high school teachers and their prey, err, students, having sexual relations at any age.

viagra with atacand The 16-year old girl alerted somebody who alerted authorities that Ruth and Nick, who claimed to be mentoring the teen as good teachers do in the community, were actually her male lover and his aiding and abetting wife. According to criminal charges filed in 2018, Nick Baggetta did most of the heavy sexual lifting, while Ruth Baggetta helped with the booze and weed and making the teen girl feel special. Though eventually Ruth is alleged to have joined the ongoing party. Ah, illegal threesomes, so hard to resist.

Ah, the Bagettas, kindly teen girl mentors

wellman clinic viagra Both Baggettas are finally having their day in court, refuting accusations made by the teen girl, who clearly doesn’t understand the kindhearted gesture of mentoring by a couple twice her age who maybe like fetish porn and hot wax on their genitals from time to time. They really just wanted to see you do well on your PSATs.

The damning evidence in the case, which now seems to be a “she said, he-and-she-said “matter, appears to be numerous texts from Nick Baggetta where he almost, sort of, but not quite, cops to something untoward going on.

“Even if I did do things with her, which we all know I didn’t, what ]expletive] has the right to make a law saying it’s wrong?”

Text from Nick Baggetta to friend after arrest

Thereafter, Nick’s friend agrees that these laws are really stupid, because, guys.

The ones we’ve seen seem pretty weak in terms of his admission of having sex with the girl, albeit we all know that he did because that’s why male teachers invite teen girls to their homes for special tutoring sessions. Not most of the time, all of the time.

Innocent until proven guilty. It’s the bedrock of our civilization. As are naughty teacher couples playing Lolita with one of their students in the rumpus room.

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