Schae Marie Shepherd Points Gun at Another Woman in Fight Over Boyfriend; Shoots Self by Accident

source site It’s super important when pointing a gun at another individual in a threatening manner to know if you’re the type of person who could really shoot another individual, or more likely the type to shoot yourself in the leg by accident. Schae Marie Shepherd, 30, of Waterloo, Iowa is clearly the latter.

click here Shepherd was arrested this week when she got into an argument with a Samantha Wilson, 25, apparently over a man. Ladies, please, you know he’s not worth it, girlfriend, or something like that. Shepherd produced a gun at some point during the argument, which is pretty scary in a fight over a boyfriend. Because, yes, women be crazy. Shepherd never shot at Wilson, who made her way the hell out of Dodge, but when a third party tried to grab the gun away from Shepherd, she discharged a round right into her leg. That earned her a trip to the hospital, followed by an arrest for assault whilst displaying a dangerous weapon.

buy cheap viagra now By all accounts, Shepherd seems to be a lovely person with friends and family and a big supporter of charitable causes. But everybody has their breaking point. Which is a solid reminder that you ought have an honest self-assessment before deciding on whether you’re solid citizen gun owner, or if maybe you should stick to hair pulling and name calling when in fights over dudes with other women. WorldStarHipHop must be served.

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