Sarah Zakzesky Arrested

Sarah Zakzesky, a 20-year-old Milwaukee woman, has been arrested in connection to the brutal beating death of Delvin Mendoza-Chaparro. The crime reportedly occurred on Dec. 19 with Zakzesky claiming she and others were angry over Mendoza-Chaparro’s alleged attempt at stealing a bong and pipe from them. Zakzesky has downplayed her own involvement and videos posted to SnapChat by a nut job identified as Devin Katzfey would indicate that the 20-year-old man certainly wants the most credit for it.

Nevertheless, Zakzesky did tell authorities she got in her licks on Mendoza-Chaparro, but did not initiate. To be exact, she slugged him five times in the face and kicked him three times “because she was angry,” according to Fox 6 Now. Just an aside, but since we’ve never beat someone to death, is it customary to count your licks? Regardless of the answer to that, it is for Zakzesky, who also claimed Katzfey punched and kicked Mendoza-Chaparro in the face 25 times on the initial assault. More followed, but that’s apparently the extent of Zakzesky’s score-keeping skills.

Unfortunately, the whole thing went down just as Mendoza-Chaparro was reconnecting with his mom. He had just moved close to her after living separately for the past five years. Iris Chaparro’s son apparently made the mistake of falling asleep in the wrong place and then getting attacked while he was out of it by the perpetrator. He was said to be unrecognizable due to the assault.

The prime attacker, at least according to Zakzesky and three rather brutal SnapChat videos, called himself “Superman” on the video and on social media, allowing police to make the connection.

(Interesting nickname, since we don’t remember the Lois & Clark where Dean Cain sneaks up on a vulnerable sleeping victim then uses his superpowers to pulverize him. Was it in the comics?)

Zakzesky is being held on a $50,000 bond, according to the news site, while a warrant has been issued for Katzfey’s arrest as well as two other unnamed individuals — one man and one woman — who may have contributed to the crime.

(Featured Image: Milwaukee Police Department)