Sarah Myers, Special Ed Teacher, Sentenced For Sex With Student Hold on, we know what you are probably thinking when reading a headline like that, but Sarah Myers did not have sex with one of her students. Nevertheless, what she did manages to make the list for icky public school teacher behaviors in that she had a sexual relationship with an underaged boy for several months before getting called on the carpet for it. If you read this site frequently, then you know this sort of thing happens way too often. You also know that teachers who engage in sexual relationships with their students tend to forget their “partners” are not-fully-developed victims acting in a confused state.


see url Myers forgot and paid the price for it, with the boy coming forward in April to spill the beans on his extracurricular activities. Inexplicably, the school did not fire her but placed her on administrative leave and allowed her to resign on her own. They did, however, reach out to Illinois’ Boone County Sheriff’s Office who launched an investigation and filed charges. Myers was looking at 15 years in prison, but recently accepted a plea deal.

North Boone High School, Myers’ place of employment. Sarah Myers, a 41-year-old mother of five, could very well be a 51-year-old mom of five by the time she gets out of the joint as the plea deal resulted in 10 years prison time for “criminal sexual assault of a student younger than 18.”

follow link She received credit for 261 days — the time she already has spent in jail — and will have to serve 85 percent of her 10-year sentence, according to PEOPLE. Following time served, the site adds, she will be required to register for the rest of her life as a sex offender. Something Sarah and every other weirdo teacher should consider next time they think they are in a “consenting relationship” with an underaged student.

can levitra cause a heart attack Will they learn, though? It’s doubtful. According to statistics reported by the website Intellectual Takeout, “In Texas, home to the largest number of teacher sexual misconduct cases in the country, investigations into alleged inappropriate teacher-student relationships has grown 27 percent over the past three years, to 179” and other states have reported a rise in these so-called “relationships” as well.

source url (Featured Image: Boone County Sheriff’s Office)

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