Sarah Marie King Posted ‘Rape Me’ Craigslist Ad To Get Revenge On Ex-Employer There is a saying — when going out, go all out. Sarah Marie King — a 28-year-old White City, Ore., woman — took that to heart when she decided to get back at her ex-employer. King worked at an adult daycare, but was let go earlier in the year. On March 28, she decided it wasn’t over between her and the employer — not by a long shot. Her payback: post an ad to Craigslist, complete with name, picture (and pic of 5-year-old daughter), address, and phone number, with a two-word request: “Rape me.” This being the Internet, there is never a shortage of crazy fack’n idiots ready to do whatever they’re told.

Dennis Samples reviews threatening texts sent to his wife as a result of Sarah Marie King Craigslist ad. Fortunately, no one went as far as actually raping the employer, who was identified as Kelli Samples, but there were several disturbing phone calls and letters as well as some “visits” to the house. Judge Lorenzo Mejia sentenced King to 10 days in jail, 104 hours of community service and 18 months of bench probation, according to the Mail Tribune. It could have been worse if King had a prior criminal history — she didn’t — or if online harrassment laws were a bit more severe than misdemeanor — they’re not. (Guess you actually have to be raped or murdered to have the relief of a more severe punishment.)

cialis 10 generico Jackson County Deputy District Attorney Zori Cook told the Tribune she is “hopeful the Legislature will create a felony statute that will make online harassment cases more severe, with more significant consequences.” “In Oregon, currently, we do not have a law that addresses this problem. It’s going to be a problem that the Legislature needs to fix,” Cook said. “They come up in domestic violence cases quite a bit, threats through social media. Our biggest concern is seeing this more and more.” When contacted about the ad by Eagle Point police, King fessed up and accused Samples of having a “Snapchat relationship” with King’s partner, which was later found out to be a mutual relationship with Kelli’s husband that did not involve sex in either case. They simply kept him as a Snapchat friend after Sarah’s termination

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(Featured Image: Eagle Point Police Department)

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