Sarah Madden Fowlkes Smiles During Mugshot for Having Sex With Her HS Student

real levitra be ordered in usa Sarah Madden Fowlkes is making waves. And not necessarily for being the umpteenth female teacher this month to be arrested on charges of having sex with her teen high school student. It’s her mugshot. She’s smiling. It’s making everybody crazy. Or maybe they’re all sane and she’s crazy. An argument could be made in either direction.

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Sarah Madden Fowlkes gone shopping (Facebook)

enter While we’ve seen many chorale and home economics female teachers arrested on lascivious acts of late, Fowlkes is an anatomy teacher at Lockhart High School in Texas. As academic subject matter goes being illicit sexual affairs, at least anatomy falls into context. We were simply working out Exhibit 9! For the test on Monday.

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enter Fowlkes is accused of engaging in sexual relations with a boy of seventeen at Lockhart. She’s twenty seven. The student is of age of consent as far as general Texas law is concerned, but those darned teacher-can-not-mount-student laws once again rear their ugly, but ultimately quite necessary head.
Sarah Madden Fowlkes, flair for the dramatic posing (Facebook) There is no information as to what tipped off school officials as to the improper relationship, but if Fowlkes smiles like that after being arrested, imagine what other facial tells she might have regarding bubbling over with her new found romance.


buy online lasix She does not strike you as the kind of woman who keeps secrets well. A followup photo six months into her prison sentence will likely make for a killer Scared Straight presentation piece. Mugshot etiquette, please, ladies. Some decorum.
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