Sara Packer, Most Disgusting Mom Ever, Saves Her Skin in Rape-Murder Trial buy synthroid canada online If you’re first thought is that both defendants in the case of the sexual assault and gruesome murder of 14-year old Grace Packer deserve to die a slow and painful death, you’re a right thinking, emotionally healthy person.

viagra london drugs kelowna This past month, Jacob Sullivan, 46, pleaded guilty to raping and murdering Grace Packer, with the help of his girlfriend and the girl’s adopted mother, Sara Packer, 44. In an attempt to save herself from the death penalty, Sara Packer agreed to testify against her boyfriend, Sullivan, at trial.

Sara Packer Was a A County Adoption Supervisor

online cheap viagra Perhaps the scariest portion of this incredible real-life horror story is that this disturbed monster of a woman, Sara Packer, had the former job title of County Adoption Supervisor in Pennsylvania. Also noticeable scary, Sara Packer clearly has a literal beard of sorts.

viagra classification of drugs Sara Packer and her then husband, David Packer, adopted Grace and her brother, and added the pair to their recurring number of foster kids in their home. Not long after, David Packer was arrested and successful prosecuted for sexually assaulting a younger, Grace Packer at the time, and another foster daughter in the home. For some reason, the powers that be did not remove Grace from the home.

prescription drug patent expiration viagra alternative And, as such things progress, Sara Packer continued to abuse Grace Packer herself, and eventually add boyfriend, Jacob Sullivan, to the family mix. In her own words, Sara Packer admitted to pushing Sullivan into sexual assaulting Grace. For what that’s worth.

click here Sara Packer admitted to drugging Grace’s food to make her more sexually compliant for her boyfriend.

Sara Packer and Jake Sullivan “Finished” Grace Packer on July 8, 2016

cheap viagra on internet Packer and Sullivan took the girl, who Packer repeatedly claimed she hated and was a “nonentity” she wanted gone, to a rental home the couple owned, for what turned out to be her final 24 hours of tortured demise.

viagra wonder drug ethical responsibility definition Both Packer and Sullivan would claim to be under the spell of the other in terms of what happened next. And what was Sullivan punching little Grace Packer in the face, repeatedly raping her in the attic, and leaving Grace tied and gagged. Packer told her daughter at this point, “this was her new life” and that she was to be kept in the basement henceforth to be raped by Sullivan.

Sara Packer, Grace Packer, and Jacob Sullivan

soft drugs nederland legaal viagra The next morning, on the 8th, Packer and Sullivan found Grace had escaped her restraints, and decided to end her. Sullivan strangled Grace Packer to death while Sara Packer held her adopted daughter’s hand and told her it was okay to die now.

follow site The sick couple stored Grace’s boy in cat litter to cover the smell, until such time as they could purchase a saw, cut up her body, and dispose of the parts 75-miles away in the woods. As Fate would have it, hunters came across the body parts and the police investigated, leading back to Packer and Sullivan.

Sullivan Facing the Death Penalty; Packer a Life Sentence

Both Sullivan and Packer each attempted suicide following the unraveling of their sick and twisted rape and murder crimes. Sadly, both were unsuccessful, as cowards often are.

Packer was offered a deal for a Life Sentence if she agreed to testify against her boyfriend, Sullivan, who is facing the Death Penalty in an upcoming penalty phase. The prosecutor conceded that with the two disturbed adults in this case blaming the other, the physical evidence remained stronger against Sullivan, which is why they turned the deal they did.

This might be the time to remind yourself that not all sexual assault crimes laid out on this site are the same. The charges may look similar, but if you’re comparing this case to a lady teacher helping a teen girl explore her sexual feelings, you probably lack an ability to understand distinctions. Both criminal, not the same level of evil.

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