Sabrina Rey Thomas Got Loaded and Unloaded on a Jet Blue Counter Agent at Fort Lauderdale Airport (VIDEO)

effects of 10mg prednisone I’m somewhat loath to mock the behavior of a drunk passenger at an airport where everybody is sitting around for countless hours stewing over a hopelessly delayed plane. If you’re waiting for a plane at the Fort Lauderdale Airport, this is also probably you returning after a warm weather vacation to somewhere cold and dreary and work. I can picture this scenario so well in my head because I’m certain I’ve lived it a half dozen times or more. And I’ve usually been in the bar.

follow Nevertheless, there is a line. Say, for instance, climbing up on the desk agent counter and screaming “get me the f–k out of here!” and the old standby “Rapist!”. Fighting with cops who come to check out why you’re screaming and attempting various track and field jumping events in the airport is another line. It’s okay just to be drunk and angry and talk crap about JetBlue.

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where to buy cialis In the case of Sabrina Rey Thomas, it’s unclear if she even was one of the passengers sitting at the Jet Blue terminal for up to 10 hours awaiting a missing plane. It is clear she’s loaded. Some witnesses believe she was angry about missing a flight and venting at the gate agent. The entire look, naturally caught on cellphone camera, simply is going to get you some unwanted viral attention.

lowest price on levitra Thomas was arrested by Fort Lauderdale cops assisting the airport and taken into custody under a mental health hold, though it’s unclear if it’s that plus booze, or just booze. Time will tell. For now, leave angry drunk airport passengers alone, until they start yelling “rapist!”

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