It’s not a crime to be stupid. We don’t have that much prison space. We made pot illegal and filled up all the cells. Now we have to allow idiots to roam the planet freely doing moronic things, without any cause for arrest. Consider the ignoramus calculation tripled since the dawn of social media and the look-at-me-now videos that soon followed.

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canadain cialis The Internet is taking a holiday break to laugh at a woman in Russia who leapt off a dock in but a thong bikini to apparently stage a dive into icy waters for the cameras. A closer look reveals she’s not as g-string ready as perhaps her Russian professional modeling friends, but still, a blonde woman in a tiny bikini doing anything is going to attract views. It’s unclear if she believed the ice was barely frozen and her plunge would break through the thin crust into a shrieking cold water bath below, or if she was drunk and didn’t care. I’m going to say there was a guy behind the camera urging her it was cool either way.

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tadalafil samples Svetlana, let’s call her that, definitely took the challenge full-on, leaping into the ether for a brief moment before cracking her ankle and ass on the hard surface, in that order. Because she’s Russian and almost certainly loaded on ethanol, she got up and walked back to the dock on her fractured bone and bruised buttocks. Assume this isn’t her first tussle with the laws of orthopedics. Whether or not Russian doctors chose to put her down or treat her remains unknown. Moscow does not believe in tears.

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