I’m not going to lie. I haven’t entirely kept up on all my Russian sex spy names and dates. My playing card deck of famous Siberians who’ve traded their bodies for attempts to access Western politicians remains in my closet from the Cold War era. But the hills are alive again with the sound of redheaded Russian hotties offering up rolls in the hay with fat old men in the U.S. and England for an opportunity to send anything of value back to their handlers.

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prezzo viagra generico 50 mg pagamento online a Firenze You may recall the case of Anna Chapman, the sexually charged Russian spy from about eight years ago who slept with a bunch of British parliament members or their entourage, before taking up abode in the U.S. and attempting to do the same. She was kicked out of both countries in pretty short order, and returned to Russia where, as most uncovered spies do, she posed for Russian skin magazines. Standard career trajectory.

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Anna Chapman in Russian Maxim after being expelled from the U.S.

accutane generics cost Now we have Maria Butina, another Russian with legs open for Mother Russia, traversing various NRA events and gun shows looking for fat old Republican politicians and VIPs to mate with like Natasha Henstridge in Species. It’s unclear exactly to whom these sexy Natasha Fatales are reporting to back home, or what kind of information if any they are retrieving. This seems more like the Russians version of a reality show where hot chicks from Siberia try to get it on with Westerners for points and a portion of t-shirt sales sold on the street corners.
Maria Butina turned on old GOP strategists by posing down at gun shows. Butina is now in jail in the U.S. awaiting some kind of sentencing and likely a deportation. Yes, we still deport people in this country, though largely hot Eastern European femme fatales, which is unfortunate. In the interim, Anna Chapman has resurfaced on social media to post a hot selfie of herself and give a big, you go, girl, to her sister in slutty arms, Maria Butina. It’s kind of nice to see these women having each other’s backs, while selling their fronts to corpulent guys who may know how the U.S. is voting on new NATO policies. The sex stuff is kind of tame compared to what “Elizabeth” did on The Americans. Though she’ll never get a statue in Moscow.